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You don’t need to stand behind a creature to attempt to tame it

You can look at abandoning the pursuit (press L to open the quest journal, find the quest, then click the Forfeit Quest option) – next re-accept the pursuit from Crow back the Dragon Knight camp. That should reset everything returning to the beginning.

Riders of Icarus Gold – EU

Once you learn new expertise, you will view a “NEW” button seem to the right of one’s tool bar. Clicking that will reveal a list with the new skills (including the Taming skill you study on this quest). It is possible to drag those new skills using this list onto the toolbar. Shortly when you crash land inside Brakarr forest, you’ll receive a tutorial idea which walks you the way to this, but it’s likely you have missed it.

You don’t need to stand behind a creature to attempt to tame it — but should you, you’ll get an additional benefit to your accomplishment chance. That’s not essential, though, and for a few creatures its challenging or impossible to sneak through to them.
As far as what direction to go once you join — again, there ought to be tutorial windows that pop-up which walk an individual through this. But in the event you missed them… Media H to available the help food selection. Then click about Familiars > Taming. You can review the data there (although you’re at that, take a look at all the other game methods — that help menu is in fact pretty detailed).
In summary: the green bar can be your “success” and the particular red bar can be your “failure”. Whichever fills upwards first determines the results of your taming attempt. There’s plenty of randomness involved, but there are many things you are capable of doing to increase your probability of success:
If you might be a founder, ensure you’re using the Hakanas Honorguard subject — it provides a +10% taming accomplishment bonus
Approaching a monster from behind usually provides a higher chance regarding success (no idea simply how much, but it absolutely increases your odds)
Attacking a monster first and using its health below 50% also can give a higher potential for success (though not at all times, and there are usually some creatures in which you absolutely CANNOT try this)
Once you might have started the taming attempt, pressing the proper WASD key any time it lights up gives a substantial boost for the green Success pub, while pressing a bad key will offer a substantial boost for the red Failure pub. At other instances, you’ll see the particular green and reddish bars advance independently — that’s the particular random element, which can be affected by the particular three factors in the list above.
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