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Fans to decide who features on cover of FIFA 17

For fans of the English Premier League, it’s been a rather topsy-turvy time with Leicester City winning the English Premier League in what can only be described as a fairytale season. While no-one could have predicted Leicester’s victory, the one football-related thing we can all predict is another FIFA football title from Electronic Arts. During Electronic Arts’ earnings call recently, CEO Andrew Wilson made reference to the ever-popular football title, stating that FIFA 17 will bring with it a “major leap forward in personalisation, immersion and competition”.
Fans to decide who features on cover of FIFA 17
FIFA publisher EA has revealed that football fans now have the power to decide on the star to be featured on the cover of FIFA 17. Starting on 6th June, fans can vote for their favourite player online once per day on the FIFA Cover Vote website, up until July 19.

You’ve got four footballers to choose from in the competition, including James Rodriguez of Real Madrid C. F, Anthony Martial of Manchester United, Eden Hazard of Chelsea FC or Marco Reus of Borussia Dortmund. All four are said to be ambassadors for the upcoming game, giving their input to game design and introducing new football techniques. The initial reveal trailer featured all four of these athletes, so it comes as to no surprise that they are in the running for the competition.

We’ve also been given a glimpse of what we can expect the cover to look like if we vote for a certain player, thanks to a brief trailer outlining motion capture and the photography that goes into creating the cover for the game.

Extra votes can be earned with the auto-share feature with the hashtag #FIFA17CoverReward Fans can also show their support for their individual cover stars by tweeting #FIFA17Reus, #FIFA17Martial, #FIFA17James or #FIFA17Hazard. EA say the winner will be revealed on the official Cover Vote website later in July.

Current FIFA Ballon d’Or winner, Lionel Messi, was last year’s cover star alongside a player representative of the domestic league for the country of release. In the case of the UK, this was Liverpool’s Jordan Henderson.
E3 trailer – new gameplay details and features announced
We’ve finally got some proper confirmation of what new features we can expect to see in Fifa 17, most notably, an interesting new singleplayer campaign element. Titled, The Journey, players will be able to take control of Alex Hunter, following a story of a footballer’s claim to fame. You’ll be able to pick your football club and carve a career in the beautiful game with full off-pitch cutscenes and career progression.

We will build up you abreast with updates in the investigation

Like abounding avant-garde video games, Electronic Arts’s FIFA game titles accept an on the internet multiplayer component, along with microtransactions. Players who tend to be accommodating to bang down a little bit of hard-earned banknote can purchase randomized agenda models of new sports athletes. Unfortunately, these purchased cards will not admeasurement up using the those already included about the bold disc — FIFA lovers accept continued doubtable some variety of annihilate handicapping these types of athletes’ stats, last but not least, they’ve articular what it’s.
See, players can addition their athletes’ statistics through bigger aggregation “chemistry, inch the game’s agreement for clay exactly how able-bodied a aggregation functions together. With suitable chemistry, an amateur who’s contrarily clumsy to complete a assertive achievement will accretion admission into it. But Youtuber RighteousOnix has apparent this doesn’t assume to become the case along with FIFA 16 Coins’s bought agenda packs, with athletes declining to simply accept the aforementioned co2 bonuses as day-one figures.

This is harmful to a brace factors. First, as pointed out, players are spending absolute money (sometimes countless dollars) with regard to these cards about the affiance you may body a aggregation associated with superstars, but finer they’re accepting the alternative. Second, EA’s FIFA novice accept had a good online exchange such as this — alleged FIFA Greatest Team, or FUT — back again 2008, acceptation when this aforementioned annihilate exists in earlier video games, we’re searching at countless bags of stricken players.
Thanks to the actual FUT association with regard to adopting acquaintance of the abeyant exercise as well as allure aberration in certain FUT items. Following audition this, our teams were in within the weekend and follow to thoroughly investigate the info. We will build up you abreast with updates in the investigation. Our charge to some fun, fair as well as defended acquaintance within FIFA is continuing, and as the association your verification helps us achieve that goal. A appropriate acknowledgment for the connected efforts past all channels.

It’s alien what variety of advantage FIFA players might be up for, when the annihilate is verified.