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However how a populations are therefore disproportionate blues don’t have any chance to mine whatsoever.

Using the server mergers factions have grown to be disproportionate. Case in stage server group six is definitely high red take, low blue take. Before the grouping/merger occurred juwol SSP had been red run. However blues a minimum of 2-3 times each day would push red-colored out and mine to have an hour or therefore, also blue gamers could disrupt reds my own phase.

Cheap Riders of Icarus Gold
Once the merger happened blues as well as reds rushed server team sixes SSP. Reds stuffed and mined ch 1, two, and 3, blues started as well as failed the my own phase in ch 4 as there is that many reds towards the blue population. Since that time I have not really seen group 6 blues complete just one mine phase (i play a great deal). Now there are just 2 chs with regard to SSP and reds simply go uninterrupted backwards and forwards. Blues have not done just one mine phase.
Reds population is really high that they not just mine SSP however clear the areas completely while doing this. Blues are not able to do anything within SSP.

Now I’m sure many people reading this would tell just go red or purchase your moonstones after harvesting. I’m no noob (HM11) I was the very first 1st lieutenant on juwol and also have about 5000 open up world kills upon reds so I have spent a fair period of time in SSP. It’s broken and fails the way it’s right now.

I’m certain the red most of the server probably loves the way in which things are at this time. I personally don’t want SSP to become one faction operate 100 percent of times, if it was a minimum of 90 percent possessed red and 10 % blue at minimum that wouldn’t end up being so bad. However how a populations are therefore disproportionate blues don’t have any chance to mine whatsoever.

I personally like being the low population faction (more people personally to kill) however the difference in dimension is insurmountable, I understand server group 6 has gone out of wack as well as I’ve heard which 2 groups tend to be red owned, two are blue possessed and 1 is actually mixed.

Clearly mistakes had been made and information on population associated with active players for factions before the merge was incorrect. If the information was good exactly how did reds upon server group six half an hour into the merger have the ability to fill and my own 3 chs and also have enough players in order to cause blue in order to fail the fourth ch?
Your information was bad, you can’t correct an issue until you admit there’s a problem.

I think guns are the only method to fix this particular.
Guns never remaining SSP, the only method to get them has become to spend 100 edge and soul gold for any key that provides you with a gun. The issue with this is actually 100 bns gold is really a shit ton associated with money, its expensive. Its also really worth 25-20 moonstones with respect to the price of them which means you wont see anyone purchase a gun because it’s crazy. (Used to do once for shits and giggles and it is just too costly)
Also with the truth that its super easy to create a person drop the gun… 100 blade & spirit gold is AN EXCESSIVE AMOUNT OF.

You will in no way make that edge and soul gold back even though you killed a couple of people and required 1500 prestige as well as got a crit with regard to soulstones. Which lets face it’s UNREALISTIC and nobody would take that risk when creating a person decrease a gun is simply a single CLOSED CIRCUIT.
If the cost of guns had been lowered to 5 bns gold also it was only open to the lower population faction that could fix it. People could all accept spend 5 bns precious metal each and pressure out the more than populated faction permitting their side an opportunity to mine. If the factions are in equal population then your guns shouldn’t be accessible and people ought to just fight this out like they accustomed to.

Guns should additionally not be usable by those who are using a mask to cover their name. This could fix the issue of individuals who speed hacked as well as used a weapon. This would allow faction who’s extremely under populated to fight and have an opportunity to take over SSP for some time.

As I stated I don’t care when the other faction is bigger than mine it just really should not be 5 times bigger as that breaks the overall game for faction combat. Also I do realize that the merger was to repair population decline, nonetheless they said that they looked over faction population from the servers they joined and clearly the information they used had been wrong.
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Please try to balance the amount of resists and stuns this class has

Blade Dancer: Please try to balance the amount of resists and stuns this class has. I feel as if they are already op with the blade draw stance let alone the force grab and air juggles. Way too many of this class makes it to the top 10 pvp ranks. – See more at:
Blade Master: Please give them a bit shorter block or maybe remove the op healing they have with every hit. I feel like this class is one of the underdogs and deserves more chances. They do have op abilities but all in all I cant complain when comparing it to other classes.
Cheap Riders of Icarus Gold
Destroyer: Please make it so they cannot Animation-Cancel as fast in pvp, there have been times that I had a 5 sec match because a destroyer stun locked me then (#( possibly used macros or cheats )#) AC’d me faster than I would think an average human can click. The spin is a bit op but not too bad compared to BD. Grab is a bit annoying when they spam it.

Summoner: Please possibly add a longer cool down on their F heal ability, as a summoner i feel like this is a bit op aside from having multiple ways of healing. Add a longer cool down to the cat grapple aswell, I’ve noticed that summoners love to spam the ability just to win.

Warlock: Nobody likes warlocks …just saying lol ._.” Please! add a longer cool down on the thrall, many people hate having the WL kite just to have their thrall cool down end. Maybe don’t give them a block, or a spammable block if they are able to chain down enemies. Not every class has enough escapes to get out of the chains. Many warlocks can win due to their instant casting nukes which can deal an opponents hp a good 20-40% each hit…(#( op right )#)? fix it please. Nobody likes to be chained and unable to move while the match only lasts 10 secs at most due to the spamming of instant nuke casting along with thrall.

Force Masters: Please do something about the freeze lock and stun locks, for most classes (#(  against an average FM )#) tend to struggle unless they have a multitude of escapes unlike KFM and Sum… Maybe do something about the over healing this class has , most of it can be avoided, although its a bit annoying since it’s a challenge to even get close to the FM.

KFM: One of the most difficult classes to pvp with… I understand it is ranked as “Expert” although many KFM’s who are considered ” experts” can only rank at highest (#(  that I’ve seen )#) 20 and up This class has to resort to stun locking and air locking just to be able to survive, which is very ridiculous. If you are going to implement ranged classes who make life miserable by rooting and/or blocking, then you best give KFM another way of escaping root effects due to the fact that their SS move has a long cool down and rooting classes can just spam the root making KFM unable to touch its opponent.

Soul Fighter: I am hoping that when this class comes out… you will balance it asap no class that comes out *cough* warlock and blade dancer *cough* seem to be balanced and the company takes long to do so.

I look forward to new content and classes but please nerf them within a week or 2…or even on the spot… we don’t need any more winners like KR’s WL PvP World Chanpionship winner in 2015… I understand that the WL class has been “pre-nerfed” but please…. revise because it doesn’t seem like it.
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