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We can see from the Black Desert Online

“Black Desert” recently announced the “male warrior” occupation awakening weapons promotional video. We can see from the video, the awakening of the samurai weapons still follow the Oriental style, originally with a samurai sword as a weapon of male warriors, weapons awakening “Valkyrie knife”, characterized by strengthening the scope of the attack, similar to Black Desert Online the shape of broadsword.”Black Desert” officially open warrior awaken in April 21. Warrior can use the “Valkyrie knife” after awakening.This big sword shape is very domineering, not light weight, damage is also very impressive. The video can also be seen awakening warrior Riding Alone checkpoints, a sword sweep thousand armed forces. Currently, officials have released a warrior awakening preview video. You can see in the video, mainly samurai sword chop attack.2Although Fukatsu knife looks heavy,And the attack range is large, quite swept the trend. Meanwhile, the official announcement a few awakening warrior skills, which includes a wide range AOE attack skills “fire whirl.” Together with samurai join the game is a new job woman warrior, it will be the next career awakening, awakening female warrior is expected to open, players can wait and see.

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Many players concerned about Blackdesert Gold sale

“Black Desert” This is a love-hate relationship allows players to dress Korean online games, because love is the game meets all the characteristics of kimchi game masterpiece, because hate is currently hanbok has fully operational, served, serving Europe Russia is already gearing up clothes, but now even the national costume but have not heard from the agent. Many players concerned about the “Black Desert”, because of its picture, but a good game, we must have a good picture outside, also play a factor in focus, then the “Black Desert” in the end it really that fun? Most of the players dress, no way to Blackdesert Gold sale play this game, small series reprinted an article in hanbok beta experience when the article, so that we probably look at this masterpiece Korea play it.12Usually MMORPG villages and NPC is the existence of an impact on the players, because they will be given tasks and rewards the player, then the player is the game according to the task given to the village and the NPC, the task would have said to go to a copy of the monster rally ; task said to have collected mining props. Although players can be arbitrary action, but in fact no than to say easy, because in addition to the task, you can do it is not so justifiably; or else pay task can also, if you do something else a little pity.

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As far as the beast-controlling Cheapblack desert silver

In addition to Black Desert, there’s almost no MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role playing games) where a summoning class is non-existent. As far as the beast-controlling class is concerned, the Developers of Black Desert Online, Pearl Abyss, laughed at its community since a long time.Now there is a future class that known as the “Tamer”, its existence has been featured by first screenshots and information. As this game introduced, the class can tame various monsters in the Cheapblack desert silver  game Black Desert and use them in many ways. Unfortunately, the class’s design and implementation has proved too much difficulty so that Pearl Abyss informed players that they would not stop reworking this class until it to be playable.2But what do gamers have now? it is a brand new class named the “Beast Master”, also it is the only beast we’ve had seen it summons so far and that have shared so much with its predecessor in order to looks.This class is will be a lightweight, smart character complimenting its fighting capabilities by the magic and a short sword which is just hidden in a flute.Apparently, its main strength lies in unison with summon, allowed for an exciting fighting combo and she will come to life in the world of Black Desert.

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In order to find out Cheapblack desert silver

Black Desert Online is a vastly populated game, and the enemies out in the world have a generously speedy respawn rate, making it quite easy to stand in an area and farm enemies.We’ve got some recommended areas for farming enemies for EXP elsewhere in our guide – they may well be a good place to start.

A basic enemy will drop some sort of silver as standard, but in addition if you’re lucky you’ll find enemies drop equipment that can either be used or sold and tokens.Tokens can be traded to an NPC interested in that specific type of  Cheapblack desert silver token for silver coins.The rewards are large, and this is how I afforded my first Mount.black_desert_online-10-1152x637In order to find out where to go in order to trade these items, open our inventory and right click them – the game will show you the path to the nearest vendor of interest. This strategy carries through even to the late game, with tokens from later enemies selling for ridiculous amounts.

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Any sort of Black Desert Powerleveling

Black Desert Online sometimes holds events which leads certain town nodes to raise their buying prices to up to 200% which are being called as sales booms. You can rake in a lot of gold if you happen to be one of the first players to sell to these nodes during sales booms, but only if you happen to have the right items the nodes are looking for. Study the patterns of the sales booms and then begin stocking up on the right items, then swoop right in when a sales boom occurs.If you can, you should leverage on production workshops which can let you level up workers and produce trade bundles that can be sold to Black Desert Powerleveling  other towns.Any sort of automation and increased production will help your starting empire grow by leaps and bounds.black_desert_online-22-1152x648Developed by the Korean video gaming company Pearl Abyss, Black Desert is a MMORPG that will appeal to those who like their games with a touch of “real life” and some of the most vividly designed characters in RPG.The game, which will be launched in North America and Europe, was published by Daum Games.This sandbox-oriented fantasy game centers on a conflict between two warring Kingdoms, Calpheon and Valencia.There are guild wars and castle sieges plus all the other elements that make for an immersive play.

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But in the process to Black desert Daum Cash

“Black Desert” seamless map, when players need to move greater distances, the horse would have added more convenient.But expensive horse, donkey, for example, a gold price of around 30,000, the equivalent of the game 2 villas prices. But in the process to complete the novice task will have the opportunity to get mounts.You can not summon mounts and carry needs to Black desert Daum Cash receive nearby stables and storage. Mounts offensive ability, but also can be attacked with blood groove and physical values, you can wear the equipment, moving equipment and speed will vary with changes.black_desert_online-10-1152x637When moving the horse needs to consume physical value, physical value can be added by feeding carrots, carrot a price of 300 gold (10 gold players who are about 3,000 or so). Because physical exertion ass quite fast, like car fuel consumption, so the donkey has been a “Lan Boji ass.” When the player and the horse from the far upper left corner of the screen will mount a recall key, this key can be carried out by horse recall operation.

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The Cultists of the Blackdesert Silver Powerleveling

There are several mobs throughout the world of Black Desert that drop armor and weapon Black Stones when killed.We’ve listed them below, along with a map of their location so that you can find them easily in the game world.We’ve also included a minimum level requirement for each area due to the difficulty of the mobs.Nagas are a great Blackstone source because they have a chance of Blackdesert Silver Powerleveling dropping both armor and weapon Black Stones.They can be found all around the Glish Swamp area, and even drop Naga Feet, which can be sold to Kana in Glish for 50,000 Silver per 150.Black-Desert-Online-screenshot-2The Cultists of the Blood Monastery are a great mob to grind for armor Black Stones due to the monasteries high mob density.It’s a pretty popular grinding spot for leveling as well, so you might find yourself fighting for mobs with randos passing through the area.These high level bandits are a great resource for weapon Black Stones as they are high in density, and offer a lot of area to take on.Just pull them in using any AOE attacks you might have and go to town.The only thing to watch out for here are the giant mobs as they can easily knock you down, resulting in your death if you aren’t careful.

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The first and most basic Black Desert Powerleveling

Black Desert Online Fishing can help you can make millions of silvers in the game.Fishing is one of the best ways to make money making becoming a masterful fisherman one of your priorities when you start the game.While it may sound like a hand-to-mouth job to earn from, it’s actually one of the best ways to Black Desert Powerleveling  make massive amounts of money in the game.In order to do so though, you’ll need preparation, understanding, and also some wits.This guide will help you turn into a millionaire fisherman in the game.First, you’ll need to understand the basics of Black Desert Online fishing.13The first and most basic thing you’ll need in order to fish is a fishing rod. Even the worst, most basic fishing rods will work, so go on and grab one. You can purchase a rod from a Fish Merchant NPC on your map.Black Desert Online Fishing Merchants can be found on the map; they have a bluish fish icon that designates them.

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You will need more time to Black Desert Online

However, as a completely new player and especially if you like going around the world trying to see a lot of aspects of the game (I include getting different outfits and weapon skins in that) it will last you a good while. You will need more time to figure out stuff anyway. Keep in mind that you can level new classes in order to learn their skills and mechanics as well (which older player already know). You can also always try to challenge yourself and try to solo some of the dungeons.So in my opinion, there is enough content if you want there to be to last you a while. Especially since it will be unlike Black Desert Online.If you do end up playing the game, be sure to give 1v1 pvp a go.Just like traditional fighting games, you can just jump in and button mash your way into the fight and still enjoy it because the combat is so fun.
11If you like PVE, Black Desert is not the game for you. BDO is a sandbox game and is only really good for exploring, playing the economy, and PVP.I played the Korean version and it was a super grindfest with the most basic questing of “go here and kill x of these.”BDO is more pvp, guild war type thing at end game.If you don’t want to pvp in it there is the whole economic part. Think of it like a fantasy character based EvE online. In both, there is pve stuff, but that’s not really the reason to play either.Here, once you hit 45 you will grind dungeons over and over an over if you don’t pvp.Even when they make the cap 50 you will do the same. Not even that interesting dungeons, especially once you’ve done them dozens of times each.

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According to Black desert Daum Cash

According to the claim from Daum Communication, the open beta for the MMORPG BlackDesert will kick off in Korean.BlackDesert is developed by team PeralAbyss that leaded by the famous game producer Jin Dazhong who had developed so many hot online MMO such as R2, C9, and so on. Based on the background of Medieval Europe, this game is combined with the unlocked fight and at the same time includes some interesting life experience like trading, picking, fishing, hunting, and cooking etc….It has attracted so many eyes of players due to the high quality of scene in game. Daum Communication also claimed that,their team will open the server, and then open the Black desert Daum Cash character system for all BlackDesert players.


According to Daum Communication, in addition to fix the tasks set at the period of beginning, this open beta will open the PVP system required level 50 and some other function like doing task, organization system, title system, journal system. I believe that it will be a game binge for most BlackDesert gamers.The blackdesert gold (also called BD gold) and some other blackdesert items or blackdesert CD Key will be the hot goods on that day and most of the online game trade web will be a busy bee to welcome their customers and harvest.Our web site is a professional and safe one to buy blackdesert gold and items.

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