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We can see from the Black Desert Online

“Black Desert” recently announced the “male warrior” occupation awakening weapons promotional video. We can see from the video, the awakening of the samurai weapons still follow the Oriental style, originally with a samurai sword as a weapon of male warriors, weapons awakening “Valkyrie knife”, characterized by strengthening the scope of the attack, similar to Black Desert Online the shape of broadsword.”Black Desert” officially open warrior awaken in April 21. Warrior can use the “Valkyrie knife” after awakening.This big sword shape is very domineering, not light weight, damage is also very impressive. The video can also be seen awakening warrior Riding Alone checkpoints, a sword sweep thousand armed forces. Currently, officials have released a warrior awakening preview video. You can see in the video, mainly samurai sword chop attack.2Although Fukatsu knife looks heavy,And the attack range is large, quite swept the trend. Meanwhile, the official announcement a few awakening warrior skills, which includes a wide range AOE attack skills “fire whirl.” Together with samurai join the game is a new job woman warrior, it will be the next career awakening, awakening female warrior is expected to open, players can wait and see.

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I had an interview with Black desert Daum Cash

Following the first Paris Games Week trailer for Black Desert Online, publihser Daum Games Europe has released another new trailer, this time focusing on game features. These features include life skills such as Taming, Fishing, Mining, Farming, Housing and Crafting. Alpha test for Black Desert Online is ending on 1 November, and the next test phase will see the normal email registration.Over the past week, several game websites have been giving away codes for the Alpha Test for Black Desert Online.


I had an interview with publisher Daum Games Europe, so read the article to find out more about the company. Back to Black desert Daum Cash the game, there are several restrictions in Alpha, and I am sure there will be Open Beta before the Buy-to-Play launch. So don’t sweat it if you missed out this time!All participants are allowed to take screenshots, videos, and write articles about the Alpha phase. Please be fair in the videos, livestreams, and articles, as the game is still in its early stage. Players will also find some in-game features that are disabled or not fully functional.

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In order to find out Cheapblack desert silver

Black Desert Online is a vastly populated game, and the enemies out in the world have a generously speedy respawn rate, making it quite easy to stand in an area and farm enemies.We’ve got some recommended areas for farming enemies for EXP elsewhere in our guide – they may well be a good place to start.

A basic enemy will drop some sort of silver as standard, but in addition if you’re lucky you’ll find enemies drop equipment that can either be used or sold and tokens.Tokens can be traded to an NPC interested in that specific type of  Cheapblack desert silver token for silver coins.The rewards are large, and this is how I afforded my first Mount.black_desert_online-10-1152x637In order to find out where to go in order to trade these items, open our inventory and right click them – the game will show you the path to the nearest vendor of interest. This strategy carries through even to the late game, with tokens from later enemies selling for ridiculous amounts.

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The first and most basic Black Desert Powerleveling

Black Desert Online Fishing can help you can make millions of silvers in the game.Fishing is one of the best ways to make money making becoming a masterful fisherman one of your priorities when you start the game.While it may sound like a hand-to-mouth job to earn from, it’s actually one of the best ways to Black Desert Powerleveling  make massive amounts of money in the game.In order to do so though, you’ll need preparation, understanding, and also some wits.This guide will help you turn into a millionaire fisherman in the game.First, you’ll need to understand the basics of Black Desert Online fishing.13The first and most basic thing you’ll need in order to fish is a fishing rod. Even the worst, most basic fishing rods will work, so go on and grab one. You can purchase a rod from a Fish Merchant NPC on your map.Black Desert Online Fishing Merchants can be found on the map; they have a bluish fish icon that designates them.

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The first one is Cheap Black Desert Gold

In Black Desert, there are only three situations that the Bosses will appear.The first one is the boss that been called by the black elf, but it is the lowest elf on levels, the second one is the wild Boss and it is the boss who has the highest level.Then the last one is Cheap Black Desert Gold that what we will refered, the boss that been called by the items set.Different bosses has different ways to call up, even the two bosses are almost has no different.Off course, the difficulties and rewards also are different.


In the last beta of Black Desert, the players can see the Boss who comes from the mission of black elf.When players come to some extent of black elf missions, such as level 13, they are able to gain the items which used to call up the boss and then players just use the gathered items to call up the boss at the specific area.Today, we just talked about the three missions and introduce the first boss. The rest two bosses we will mentioned in next ariticles.And players cannot get anything from the boss.

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