Whether live or Fifa 14 Coins from the PC version of the picture

“FIFA 14″ finally cracked, small series wear the host board are actually evaluated very detailed (click to enter before the review), PC version of the relative main board from the content need to be no difference, so we’ll browse that has a picture of what different.Whether live or Fifa 14 Coins from the PC version of the picture above just isn’t very complicated, to ensure in the configuration usually are not very harsh. The FIFA compared to prior to the picture didn’t significantly improve. But the fashion exquisite interface is actually great. “FIFA14″ version of the PC, most obviously may be the resolution and anti aliasing, despite the fact the difference.

Compared “soccer”,although engine doesn’t change, nevertheless incorporates a unique advantage — ambient occlusion.Ambient occlusion should be to achieve global illumination at present the easiest way, the top isn’t to convey the best effect but as developers a usual way, the excuse is quite simple because simple, high efficiency. And here the FIFA14 outstanding performance, even settle for new engine, though in close-up is completed second within the live view, but the usual, “FIFA14″ still showed top notch activity.Plus additional big 3D games, need for the sunshine shielding environment isn’t great, open the ambient occlusion, the image does become dark, level, and not the main object is illuminated.

Inside the “FIFA” above the ambient occlusion,the ideal reasonable use,for when the gamer running,your body presents light dark material change and turn into the entire game provides extensive energy.In the live or FIFI from the picture is not much surprise,but PC has read the quicker,and better resolution compared to demo version, there are also many times from the optimization progress. Facing generation x console,but it really failed to play on the a look at the old engine PC version should be,consider the picture for the performance with the next generation. ytl70we

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