The isn’t the EA works together with cola girl as before

August heat really can not stop loving football. Unfortunately, put a live dove, several also must wait FIFA Coins demo version to use fresh! But now the FIFA demo version released eventually prior to usual, on September 10 morning release. So currently we say in chorus, a higher teacher, work, we went into the whole world of FIFA14 demo.Team Composition: The DEMO released eight teams.These include Manchester City, Barcelona, and more particularly, the most recent York Red Bulls, Tottenham, Greater Paris, AC Milan, Boca Juniors. Previously the demo version with your team never were built with a really huge and wide, EA’s move though is inconspicuous, as well as he shows his determination.

Even demo version, but he’ll can be obtained together with completely enthusiasm , so players are searching toward it’s really no surprise.The isn’t the EA works together with cola girl as before, nothing new, purely changed clothes it? The correct fact is no. Should the opening screen during the entire game to go into the leading edge menu, while i first reaction, fifa 13 of UT menu appears, and might be calmed found that here is the main menu of FIFA 14 places.

Since i have enjoy playing UT mode, the UT menu before Cheap Fifa 14 Coins stands out as the utilize a grid using non-prorated. Appears like NOKIA Microsoft serial interface, simple and quick practical. Players don’t have to utilize keyboard or perhaps the mouse between the two to push to. In a plane, it’s possible to discover youself to become looking for stuff. Jigsaw seemingly chaotic, actually, quick and easy very straightforward. Actually, given the writer the most effective feeling of interface or pause the experience screen. *65sallp

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