The divination plot wouldn’t be capable of transmute resources

I don’t find out about other clans, but mine includes a Tier 7 citadel with upgrades, so that all we should do at this point is maintain the upkeep costs hebdomadally. Shouldn’t be described as a rs 07 accounts problem, but we’ve had problems with certain resources being lacking although some are usually in excess because clan members will work of what they desire exp for, definitely not what are the clan needs. We inevitably possess a number of clan members each week who gather resources in skills they don’t need experience for to fulfill upkeep, and sometimes there may be resistance when certain plots get locked until other resources meet the upkeep requirements.

Suppose there was clearly a divination plot where players could transmute excess resources into other resources? For instance, if my clan has 10,000 timber and 5,000 rations, with upkeep being 7,500 of (for simplicity) then the divination plot can have 2500 resources that could be transmuted into energy that can then sign up for whatever resource is lacking (just like how minions from your obelisk could make up, in certain part, for resources which are lacking). After the divination plot was developed, there would be 7,500 timber and 5,000 rations, with 2,500 energy that is certainly used on the build tick for making up for the missing rations, exactly like the way minions work now.

The divination plot wouldn’t be capable of transmute resources which are not over upkeep, so now the divination plot will be unusable, just like the furnace when charcoal or ores are out. This may prevent the divination plot from being overused. That way, we can easily let players work on the skill sets they would like to while permitting them to still promote the citadel’s upkeep regardless of resource levels.If experience rates were generous enough, this may also help alleviate the non plus ultra grind that divination training currently has runescape items. *75pjijl6

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