you should be in a position to choose to remain

I would like to request a poll to increase the quantity of God Emissaries! Firstly I’ve got a concept with the Desert Pantheon. Have you thought to produce an emissary in the desert (Al-Kharid, Ruins of Uzer, Polli, or Soph) and when you’ve completed “Icthlarin’s Little Helper,” you will gain the title ‘of Ictharin’, then upon completing “Spirits on the Elid”. You’ll be able to want to become ‘in the Pantheon.

When later content is added for Tumeken and Amascut, you can eventually gain ‘from the Pantheon’ with no ‘i’ for incomplete. Of course, you should be in a position to choose to remain ‘of Icthlarin’ and in addition unlock individual titles for Amascut, Tumeken, and Elidinis because the questline sees fit. Also, using the foreshadowed arrival of Tuska, there will certainly be a faction of players (I foresee many Bandosians mourning their god) who want to join another similar God. ‘Of Tuska’ could possibly be another option. The PoP’s are said to add mention of the sea gods, I’m uninformed in the event it’s going somewhere, however , if so…they usually are included as well.

Case an indicator, i feel as somebody who trusts Icthlarin more than another 07 rs gold, it’s only fair. Zamorak’s tier has fallen, so I don’t have the ‘only certain tiers get emissaries’ formula can easily still apply. Use it towards the players. Allow it to needlessly truly be, Power to the Player… *75pjijl6

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