Your Strength level doesn’t matter overmuch anymore

I don’t know if many people have realized nevertheless it’s all about your Attack and Defence now. Your Strength level doesn’t matter overmuch anymore. For those who have 55 Strength you’re completely fine and you’ll perform good volume of damage relying on your weapon. You’ll be able to go onto training Attack/Defence because training strength above 55 won’t aid you in combat also it’s only required for several abilities that aren’t handy, as well as for a number of rs accounts quests.

The truth is your weapon determines almost 100% from the damage it is possible to deal. In case you look in the ‘Gear’ Window and locate ‘Loadout’ if you could have 99 strength you will see that your damage = 99 without a weapon equipped. It indicates 1 Strength level = 1 damage. Which is so insignificant and it also’s the key reason why we hit so awful with the fists.

I understand the isn’t make use of our fists to fight however it should leastways be balanced like our Accuracy is. For those who have 99 Attack you