a number of people say that Divination was released too recently

Apologies if this is from the wrong forum, or if accountant los angeles threads like cheap runescape accounts this.Now, onto the point. As a massive lorenoob and scryer, my first pick automatically was Prifddinas. It’s understandable why it’s ahead(p) atm; we’ve been expecting it for some time, along with the Elf series was one of the better on the quest series.

HOWEVER, there is absolutely no reason Prifddinas should win because of the above two reasons. Do we want a different city rather than new skill? Cities are pretty useless in Runescape, and after a few weeks after we stop caring in regards to the scenery and graphics (like we eventually stopped caring about Ashdale and Empyrean Citadel), we are going to only be there for that Grand Exchange, which we have. The one redeeming quality in regards to new city could possibly be new skill options.. but why choose this when you are able buy a totally new skill?

Also, a number of people say that Divination was released too recently, so we don’t have to have a new skill as of this time. However, they may be forgetting that those two skills are complimentary skills, like Mining/Smithing. It doesn’t make much sense which they should be released past an acceptable limit apart. A good thing about voting for Invention is the fact that it adds a full new layer to Divination, so we obtain more then just one single skill, as Divination grows more useful/fun.

Lastly, both updates will come eventually anyways. But when Prifddinas comes out first, then the plan will be for the pursuit to come afterwards, which a lot of players are disappointed about. If it happens later, they could be released concurrently, for you will be more development time to the quest, and will also be much better and larger, if it becomes the 200th.To ensure’s all I can say. Please think about these points when you vote, and be aware that it’s not in its final stages to change runescape 2007 gold it. *95pjijl6

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