I seriously enjoy playing Wow i have several characters to level 80 already

Primary professions are main options for income for many people players, and being limited by just two forces many players to gain levels an alt just so they are able to learn 2 more professions around the additional character and produce much more cheap wow gold cataclysm release. I’ve virtually all professions amongst people split on various characters and yes it bring me solid income once i might be bothered to craft and list auctions on the Auction House. Furthermore , it saves me money after i need something crafted, as pieces of the Ah are overpriced – in this case I just log my alt and craft whatever I need and voile – money saved for something more useful in front of them!I seriously enjoy playing Wow i have several characters to level 80 already.

You could possibly wonder why I made the decision to gain levels and gear up a great number of characters? Well, Up-date is surely an amazing game however only 1 character I felt somewhat limited in exploring what is possible. Therefore i made an alternative character (otherwise often known as an ‘alt’). Once this alt was level 80 and somewhat ready, I chose to test another class as well. Most of the people I realize who play WoW have at the least 2 characters, even though some have certainly one of each class to a total of 10. 10 characters per realm and 50 characters total on all realms would be the maximum allowed by Blizzard at this point. Why so many? The word “squishy” comes up when referring to all cloth dps classes.

Mostly because of the class restrictions that Blizzard has implemented – some courses are melee damage dealers, other medication is casters and healers so if you feel curious and would like to test drive it all, you will have to try the various classes. For example, melee damage dealers would be the warriors, death knights, rogues, enhancement shamans, feral druids in cat form and retribution paladins – they should get nearby the enemy to do damage. Other classes such as balance druids, mages, warlocks, shadow priests and elemental shamans are casters, meaning that they might do damage from distance and so are more vulnerable if your enemy gets near them due to their armor restrictions.Another great reason to make more than one character is we have been permitted to have two primary professions per character.   yu8gjaljo

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