While using new intro towards the game in Ash land

So this january it will likely be the two year anniversary with the troll invasion in taverley/burthorpe, and yes it got me with the old days of these areas, the lush greenery and druids of taverley and militant feel to burthorpe, very unique atmospheres to both places, an issue that is missing with a lot of locations currently. Though the recent lumbridge rebuildathon got me thinking why hasn’t either runescape gold place been restored into it’s former glory, why haven’t we taken the trolls down yet generating the region peaceful again?

With lumbridge/draynor being put through a god war and being rebuilt within months, why do after 2 yrs we haven’t had the oppertunity to this troll issue and fix taverely and burthorpe? We merely addressed two of the most extremely powerful beings inside the land and fixed the mess, yet a whole lot a trolls are already this kind of battle to manage, I mean we kill theses trolls everyday no sweat.I know there’s likely to be a war between bandos and armadyl, take a look at utilize this storyline to inaugurate the final in the troll era in taverley and burthorpe insurance firms the trolls go to falador combat zone, and also have them because the guards from the bandos army hq.

While using new intro towards the game in Ash land, taverley and burthorpe are no longer a vital part with regards to introducing you on the game, it used to be a location where people would look for improve herblore/summoning/farming, things of the nature.Then in the war there, you can also have a taverley/burthorpe rebuildathon (A powerful one PLZ!) to supply players who are passive and not too interested/neutral in the god war something more important to accomplish? That way we’ve more content to create in players, and present importance to more than simply one region at once, and instead of just fally being the attention in 2014, taverley and burthorpe become relevant as well, the cities are alongside one another i really don’t understand the rs gold problem. 8gjaljo838

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